At Choice Builders, we know that the home we build for our customers represents the realization of their hard work and planning. That’s why we take it very seriously when our customers trust us with their dream. We believe that connection, communication and a strong working relationship enable us to build our homes exactly the way our customers envision them – while focusing on the things that matter the most to our customers – whether that is staying on budget and on time, or making sure the kitchen and master bathroom are “just so”.

When it comes to designing your home, we guide you through the process of weaving form and function together to create something that is livable, workable and beautiful. Our modern techniques take advantage of today’s energy efficient and sustainable technologies to creating an enduring, efficient structure that will create a beautiful home base for your family.

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Using sustainable concepts is also important to Choice Builders. We know that, as builders and protectors of the future, we  have a responsibility to build and protect our environment and our community. When you work with Choice Builders, you can rest assured we have your best interests – and the environment’s – at heart.

Choice Builders knows that no project is successful without clear and constant communication. That’s why we make it a priority to communicate and collaborate with our designers, subcontractors, inspectors, and most importantly, you, our customer, enabling us to create a beautiful home or building that is sustainable and beautiful.

Creating a home that is beautiful isn’t difficult; creating a building that will endure – and flourish – through time, weather and change requires a high level of design, artistry and engineering. When you work with Choice Builders, you can have it all – commercial strength, personal comfort and most importantly, a place to call “home.”

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A Commitment to Service

We believe in personal connection; in serving people with close relationships as they build their future. We are teachers at heart and hold that everybody makes better decisions when they have good information and trusted partners. We are attentive, empathetic, honest, forthright and fair. We believe in serving our community and each person we interact with.

We believe that simplicity creates beauty. That excellence is expressed with integrity, quality, endurance and harmony. That an energy efficient and healthy home connects and adds fundamental value to our community while enhancing its surroundings throughout its long life as well as providing life-long savings to its owners.

Our Core Values

  • Always do the right thing
  • Do everything the right way
  • Treat everybody with dignity and respect