At Your Service

We believe in personal connection; in serving people with close relationships as they build their future. We are teachers at heart and hold that everybody makes better decisions when they have good information and trusted partners. We are attentive, empathetic, honest, forthright and fair. We believe in serving our community and each person we interact with.

We believe that simplicity creates beauty. That excellence is expressed with integrity, quality, endurance and harmony. That an energy efficient and healthy home connects and adds fundamental value to our community while enhancing its surroundings throughout its long life as well as providing life-long savings to its owners.

Our Core Values

Always do the right thing

Do everything the right way

Treat everybody with dignity and respect

Stay Up-To-Date and In Control
We use a clear and transparent process to capture what you envision and bring it to life.

Building a quality custom home deserves the utmost attention.


Our focus is on what matters most to you, whether that’s finishing by a certain date or making sure the kitchen is “just so.” We guide you to the best choices that meet your needs and align with your goals.


We make sure the fun stays in the building process and that you’re still raving about it years down the road. And with our unique online client portal, you’ll easily see the progress taking shape at all times. 


As an Energy Star® partner, LEED Accredited Professional® and a Certified Aging in Place Specialist®, we build your vision of a perfect home with the highest level of integrity and craftsmanship, without compromise or shortcuts.