We pay attention so you don’t have to. Our houses start way before we ever break ground. Very early in the design process we think through the house and what features would make it an amazing home. We consider convenience, and how easy will it be to live and move around in the home.

Not only do our houses give you energy savings each month, but they are stylish too. Each home is crafted to your specific taste and desires. The colors are complimentary, the style is elegant, and it is designed with specifically you mind.

Our kitchens have ample storage, layers of light, and upgraded appliances that are all standard.

We know that a functional kitchen makes family life easier. Which is why we always exhaust the stove to the outside to keep inside air clean and healthy.

Our light fixtures are selected with care to provide you with multiple layers of light. If you need task lighting, you have it. Ambient lighting is there too. Even if you only want mood lighting, our homes are designed to give you the right amount of light for your life. And every light bulb in our home is LED. You’ll get amazing energy savings, and you may never have to change a light bulb again.

But during the day, keep the lights off and enjoy our large windows that bring in so much natural daylight. How do we keep the house energy efficient with large windows everywhere? We use only high-quality Energy Star® certified windows that keep the heat and the wind outside, leaving your home bright and comfortable.

At the end of a long day, slip into our over sized tub for a soothing soak. You won’t find tiny “garden tubs” in any of our houses. Our tubs are full length and made for relaxing.

The shower is an incredibly large walk in shower. With a low step, and no door needed, it’s so easy to move around.

Ample lighting, shelving, and space makes a great shower, and ours has it all.

Style, quality, energy efficiency, and designed for living. Call us today to learn how you can enjoy your own Choice Builders’ home.

Cedar City Custom Home Builder Review

“After retiring, Deb and I decided to move from Pennsylvania to Cedar City due to this area’s beauty and outdoor opportunities. Working with a realtor, we looked at over two dozen houses in an effort to find one to met our needs and fit into our budget. Our first meeting with Roger Thomas of Choice Builders was somewhat accidental, he just happened to be showing the house to prospective clients when we showed up unannounced. After finishing with the other family Roger gave us his full attention. The quality of his workmanship quickly became evident as we talked and casually toured the house. It was good to meet a man that truly took pride his work and who wants to offer a quality product. Roger stated several times as we looked at the house’s features that he designed the house to allow it to accommodate a family as that family progressed throughout their life. We chose to make Roger’s house our retirement home because of his building knowledge and exceptional workmanship using quality materials. Other important features that influenced our decision are Choice Builders attention towards energy efficiency (highly efficient HVAC equipment and well insulated), the use of low Volatile Organic Compounds, and their excellent warranty. Throughout the buying experience Choice Builders has been a pleasure to work with. Being new and unfamiliar to this area, Roger has graciously offered his assistance with accessing his network of other Cedar City professionals. If your looking for a quality home you should contact Choice Builders.”

Tom & Deb S.