Most people think of sustainable homes in one of two ways:
The first, it’s an elaborate process of using unusual alternative building principles to make your home “off the grid”. And that sustainability is only for hard core environmentalists do who suffer inconveniences for the sake of the environment. That you use things like dirt and straw bales and other unconventional building methods.

The second way that many people think of sustainable building is that it’s for the wealthy. That it takes lots of money to buy the latest and greatest in energy efficiency and complicated technology to make a home “High Performance”.

Choice Builders sees a sustainable home differently: one built with common sense. What if we used common sense strategies and collaboration to make your home reflect your values? An example is as simple as sourcing material. Many builders buy the lowest cost products, and the lowest cost products are often manufactured in another country and then imported & transported to your home. If we just considered the negative impact of burning fossil fuel to bring your products to your home from a land far away, the environmental cost can be quite high. What if we bought locally? What if our strategy was to source materials within a small radius to minimize our transport fuel consumption with a negligible cost impact to the home, but a large positive to the environment?

Small steps like these can have a cumulatively large impact. This is the way Choice Builders approaches every home and project: common sense sustainability.