Aging in Place

Universal Design, also known as Aging in Place, is an approach to the design that allows people to live gracefully in a home by having all the little details of safety and comfort simultaneously considered. There are some people who try to replicate this by doing things such as not having steps into the house. What we do goes well beyond that and Choice Builders has had the training and the certification to be able to properly design a house to Universal Design standards.

When you walk into the house it's not only going easy to walk in because of no steps, but there also won't be steps into the shower. And what about wider doorways or wider doors? Or here's something that most people don't think about: levers on the doors because when you have arthritic hands, you can't grab the knob to turn the knob. For those of us who don't have arthritis, aren't they handy when you're carrying groceries? You can open the door with your elbow. So, really what Universal Design is all about is making your house easy to live in and more convenient, and Choice Builders specializes in that and incorporates Universal Design features into every one of our houses.

Building New Homes with Universal Design (Aging in Place)