What Is It Like to Build a New House?

If you ask someone who has recently built a custom home, you may hear a horror story about their experience. Perhaps four out of ten people will say their experience was “fair,” and only one in ten will say their experience was “great.” My aim is for you to be in the group that has a great experience building your new luxury custom home. I want you to imagine your dream home, to see it in your mind, and perhaps even sketch it out on a napkin over lunch with a friend because you’re so excited about your unique vision. Then I want you to see it on paper, and some day see your dream to live in the incredible home that you’ve created come true.

A home as an expression of you

Of course, a house is more than just a structure. It’s an extension of who you are. It’s the place you raise your family, dream your dreams, and live them out to the fullest. Long after the concrete, wood, and glass make a house, the family makes a home and you come to cherish the place where laughter fills the air, sad moments come and go, and memories are made.

My deepest desire for the people whose homes I build is to someday— perhaps ten or twenty years later—be invited back so we can visit together and reflect on all the memories that have been created in this space that was once nothing more than someone’s dream. It would be a treasure to feel the fullness in the air that holds all the laughter, tears, and memories of years gone by and share together what life has brought.

There are few things as personal as your home

There are few things as personal as your home. Making the choice to build a luxury, custom home can be one of life’s most rewarding adventures. Without the right information it can also be filled with unforeseen problems and delays. I want you to have the best possible experience in your home building process. By applying my thirty years of experience, my company focuses on building magnificent, custom designed homes for the luxury market. I will help you make more informed choices and have less stress and greater confidence throughout the entire process.

Are you ready to get started? Let's start building your dreams! 

Roger Thomas