Energy Efficient Home and Healthy Construction

Building homes isn’t just about creating something new and innovative; it’s about helping our customers realize their dreams while protecting the environment and enhancing the community in which they live and work. That’s why energy efficiency is a cornerstone of Choice Builder’s business philosophy.

Our houses are healthier, more comfortable, and energy-efficient. At Choice Builders, we practice sustainable principles to create healthy, energy-efficient homes and buildings that provide a life and livelihood for our customers while saving money each month on utility costs.

During the construction process, Choice Builders uses only the healthiest energy-saving construction processes, technologies, and building materials. We use proven techniques to enable us to reduce harmful chemicals and help to build a more sustainable future.

At Choice Builders, we embrace innovative, environmentally sustainable building practices and technologies, and are up-to-speed on the industry’s most energy-efficient practices and processes. We believe in creating homes and buildings that continue to protect the environment, employing energy-saving designs and fixtures in all of our projects.

Whatever the project, Choice Builders collaborates with customers, as well as designers and engineers to ensure that our construction projects are enduring, sustainable, and beautiful. We believe that sustainability is not achieved through the construction company alone, but is a carefully orchestrated effort involving all parties working on the project. Our clear communication style and strategic collaboration allow us to plan and implement innovative, creative, and sustainable solutions that satisfy our customers’ goals and contribute to a beautiful, healthy community and environment.

When it comes to building a home or structure that is beautiful, energy-efficient, environmentally sustainable, and will stand the test of time, your choice should be Choice Builders. We are committed to meeting the needs and creating the dreams of our customers while protecting the community and environment they call home.

headshot of Marci Staudte

"After purchasing my Eco Friendly "Energy Star Certified" home from Choice builders earlier this year, quite frankly I was a bit skeptical about the claims being made to save on monthly utility costs. Upon receiving my first electric bill in April I thought the utility company made a mistake. May was an unusually warm month here in Cedar City so as a test I left several appliances turned on longer than normal and ran the air conditioner at a much lower temperature than usual. My electric bill for May was 2/3 less than my other home for the same time period. As an added benefit – since this home is so well sealed – there is very little dusting required and dealing with allergies is less problematic."

– Marci Staudte