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The Design-Bid Approach Can Lead to Problems

One of the ways to go about designing and building a custom home is the design-bid method. The design-bid approach is when homeowners first find an architect/designer and then find their builder after the plans are done. Or, a homeowner could purchase an online pre-made plan, then search for a builder. Usually, the homeowner sends the plans out for competitive bid by two, or three, or even more builders.

On the surface, design-bid, or competitive bid, may seem like the logical way to get the best price for your new custom home. But the competitive bid is not the best way to get the best value or even the true cost for your custom home. And, it can lead to many other unintended problems.

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Aging in Place

Your home is a safe haven. A place to be with friends and family, to feel snug and secure, protected from weather and sometimes the world. But what truly makes your home safe? If you’re alone at home with an injury or if you fall, how safe do you feel? There are specific design elements that can be used in your home to make it safer, easier to live in, and more convenient. It’s called Universal Design, also known as Aging-in-Place. 

Using the Aging-in-Place design approach allows you to live gracefully in your home by having all the details of safety and comfort simultaneously considered. As a Certified as Aging-in-Place specialist, Choice Builders incorporates Universal Design features into every one of our custom homes.

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Living in a Comfortable House

Our houses are very comfortable houses to live in. When we're designing the our house, we pay attention to the heating and the cooling system. We don't use general rules of thumb to decide how big or how small heating and cooling should be. We design the system specifically to the house. We take into account the insulation, the windows, the solar exposure, all of these things to make sure that we're delivering the right amount of heat or cooling to each and every room. So, you can be in your bedroom and walk into the kitchen. You can be on the sunny side of the house or the shady side of your house, and it's going to be comfortable. It's going to be the right temperature that you set it on your thermostat because it's important to us. We want you to enjoy your home.

Don’t trust your dreams to just anyone.

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You should feel confident and excited during your home building process. After all, the builder you choose could mean the difference between a project that’s done right, on-time and on-budget, and one that costs too much, takes too long, and is fraught with quality problems.

But with every builder claiming to be the qualified, how can you be sure you’re picking the right one?

Download What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Home Builder, written by Choice Builders’ owner and author, Roger Thomas. This guide will help you choose a builder who is right for you.

In it you'll find answers to questions like:

  • How do I make sure a contractor can build to my budget?
  • Why do some contractors appear to cost more than others do?
  • Should I ask for a “free” estimate?
  • How do I chose a good contractor, let alone, the best one?
  • How should I compare prospective contractors?
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